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Anti-anti-science — “Science has to learn to talk about alternatives, to talk about possibilities, to talk about diverse, desirable and undesirable futures.”

Anti-anti-science | Responsible Innovation

My over-riding impression is that ‘anti-science’ is a term that is imaginary and unhelpful. It describes almost nobody and it gets us nowhere. Climate deniers are not anti-science, they are anti- a political view that considers environmental protection as important. Creationists, too, have moral objections to the implications of an evolutionary worldview. (…)
Hitting these people over the head with bigger and bigger science hammers will not win the argument, it will simply confirm their suspicions. (…)
The use of the term ‘Anti-science’ reflects a privatisation of the idea of progress that is dangerous for science and society. As soon as science is seen as inseparably wedded to one particular trajectory, particularly when that trajectory is Fedoroff’s favourite topic of GM crops, debate becomes impossible. (…)